Presenting a richly complex yet unbelievably smooth, creamy whisky with a rare hint of smoke.

Brought to you from John Distilleries, creators of the internationally acclaimed Paul John Indian Single Malts, and the makers of Original Choice, one of the largest selling whisky brands in the world.

At 42.8% ABV, Roulette Whisky is matured in ex-bourbon casks and created from an exquisite blend of peated and unpeated malts with premium Indian grain spirit, to enhance the drinking experience of consumers seeking premium and memorable experiences.

With rich fruity aromas, deep flavours of vibrant fruit, hints of smoke and a lingering creamy finish, Roulette whisky is now available in Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Telangana in 750ml, 180ml and 60ml, and will soon be available in Haryana.

Transport every occasion to a realm of exceptional experiences.